The Hidden Isle - Digital Edition

The Hidden Isle is a pen and paper RPG that uses Tarot cards instead of dice, set in the 16th century on the secretive island of Dioscoria. It focuses on roleplaying and collaborative storytelling.

  • The Sewers and the Stars - Digital Edition

    The Sewers and the Stars is a standalone expansion for The Hidden Isle, our recently funded tabletop role playing game.

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  • Sefirot - The Spheres of Heaven Tarot

    Venture beyond the well-traveled paths of the Rider-Waite-Smith conventions to the world of Sefirot Tarot where history, esoteric tales, Judaic Kabbalah, and the Marseille Tarot tradition combine to create a powerful tool for intuition, reflection, and growth.

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  • Sefirot - The Art Book

    The formidable Sefirot art book features all the art used in the Tarot deck and game.

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Vanillery Garden's How to Play

It is the year 1562. Hidden in nebulas and surrounded by reefs off the Arabian coast lies the ancient island of Dioscoria. Founded by priestesses and sages cast out by the hierophants of their homelands, it is a safe haven for mystics, misfits, rebels, and outcasts from neighbouring and distant shores.

Sheltered from the wrath of the orthodoxies, this Discorian society favours empathy, playfulness, and prowess of the mind. To celebrate these traits, Dioscorians cherish one pastime as old as the island itself—Sefirot, a game of divination.

  • The game of Sefirot combines the worlds of Tarot divination and board gaming into an activity that is both meditative and playful. It is played in numerous variations on different playing fields, using a deck of specially designed Tarot cards.

  • In addition to being the central component of the board game, the meticulously designed custom Sefirot Tarot deck also provides new journeys into the realms of Tarot.

  • Sefirot is suitable for an audience from 12 years onwards and has an average playing time from 30 to 60 minutes.

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