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Sefirot - Altar Cloth - Kickstarter Edition

Sefirot - Altar Cloth - Kickstarter Edition

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Measuring at 90 by 90 cm (approx. 35 by 35 inches) it’s a formidable piece of fabric.


100% polyester


90 by 90 cm (app. 35 by 35 inches)

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Support an Effort

Our altar cloth was produced by our gifted partners in Istanbul. Turkey and Syria have been hit by a disastrous earthquake on February 6.

It’s one of the worst disasters in a region that was already plagued by war and displacement. Rescue and relief operations on the ground need every support possible to help millions of displaced people.

We decided to donate 4 Euros for each altar cloth purchase to the Turkish aid organization Ahbap, and you can also donate directly to them following the link below.